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Best-practice Internal Customer Service is achieved when all employees, regardless of rank, role, location, division or status as an internal customer or supplier, see themselves as working in partnership to provide high quality external customer service.

Most Internal Customer Surveys aim to bring about this situation solely by measuring the perceived strengths and weaknesses of internal suppliers as seen by their internal customers. Based on this feedback, particular work areas or issues between work areas are then targeted for action.

While gathering performance feedback from internal customers is one important function of an Internal Customer Survey, it cannot be the sole focus. The Internal Customer Survey must also collect information that can be used to bring about the cultural changes necessary to improve teamwork and camaraderie throughout the organisation. This is where the Quantum Internal Customer Survey stands out from its competitors.


Quantum's Approach: Internal Customer Survey

Effective internal communication is the key to developing the type of culture that will deliver the 'best practice' Internal Customer Service mentioned above.

Obviously, if effective lines of communication are opened between internal customers and suppliers this will improve camaraderie and teamwork by enabling each to develop a better understanding of the others' commitments, needs and expectations.

Improving lines of communication between management and employees will also assist in the development of an Internal Customer Service culture by:

  • Promoting a clear and shared understanding of Internal Customer Service principles. This will help gain commitment, minimise misunderstanding and reduce anxiety about the change process.
  • Keeping all employees in the loop and working towards the same goals and by the same rules.
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging in all staff, being part of a common culture, being privy to what is going on and why, and therefore sharing a common ground.
  • Motivating performance by linking individual and team efforts with the "bigger picture".
  • Reducing ambiguity of messages that have the potential to cause workplace conflict.


Quantum's approach to improving Internal Customer Service is summarised in the model below:


Internal Customer Survey


Benefits: Internal Customer Survey

Conducting an ICS Survey or incorporating an ICS component into your existing Employee Survey will highlight and promote awareness of Internal Customer Service principles within your organisation. It will also provide the necessary information to:

  • Commence discussions between internal customers and suppliers.
  • Improve the quality, quantity and methods of communication between management and employees and between internal customers and suppliers.
  • Determine the needs and expectations of internal customers.
  • Determine the extent to which internal suppliers are currently meeting, exceeding or falling short in regard to delivering on these needs and expectations.
  • Monitor progress towards ICS initiatives on an ongoing basis.

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